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Nowadays, 'Theme Wedding Concept' is used specially in wedding ceremonies. A theme wedding is an arrangement of a wedding based on a particular theme; a couple can go for themes like romantic theme, fantasy theme, fairytale theme, royal theme, Garden theme & many more. Once you have decided a particular theme you can look forward to the services of wedding planners to make preparations for the wedding themes. Decision making becomes easy when choices of the couples are clear and distinct. There are lots of unique themes, which are really innovative and creative. Planning a ceremony according to theme requires expertise advice, budget management, right kind of venue etc. Theme Wedding is not a simple undertaking involving just the theme decorations like the flowers, mandap and basic lighting, it involves a variety of small and big tasks like creating the perfect centerpieces or stage backdrops, select ambient or mood lighting, a little imagination, & a crucial Planning.

Shri Events Group -the wedding planners/ Event Management Company, New Delhi offers an array of themes according to your interests, status and budget. It is important to select any theme as per the Function of the Day such as Arabian theme for cocktail and Rajasthani Theme for mehndi function, Garden Theme for Sangeet, Junkyard Theme for bachelor Party function and more...

A wedding in India is a big deal. Traditions, customs, relatives, food, rituals, celebrations and fun - these are liberally spread across the days beginning from the day the marriage is fixed, till the day the wedding takes place and the bride departs to her new home.

Ganesh pujan
Mehendi ceremony
Engagement ceremony
Chuda ceremony
Haldi ceremony
DJ / Bachelor party
Sagai and sagan ceremony
Pre- wedding cocktail party