About Us

Contouring magnificent "Events" is the reason of our existence, our theory of planning and execution is way too forward and in vogue, we follow finely tailored approach to create an aura of magical moments that may last forever. Spontaneity, Quality, Vision, Commitment and Control are the key ingredients and driving factors behind our teams, from opulent Wedding venues to Birthday Celebration, our creations and designs are Fresh, Unconventional, Cost-Effective and Unique.

Our implementation goals and market strategies run effortlessly as they revolve around client perspective and their finances, we follow service standardization that streams with the international standards, apart from our reach in the local market, we have wide-ranging network and resources. In the nutshell, we are a company that meets and exceeds the expectations and our Event Intelligence Life-cycle focuses on identifying the Core Objectives ( Client's Demands), Analyzing the Data (Budget, Guest List, Bookings etc), Leveraging the Events with Technology( Adding Special Effects, Light and outstanding Music), in addition we coordinate Grand openings, Product Launches, Commercial Events, Fashion Shows, Advertising & Marketing Shows, Road Shows, Awards Functions, Family Days, Annual Days, Destination Weddings, Celebrity Management, Brand Activation, Rock Concerts etc. We offer variety of personalized services under single umbrella exclusively hence we don't limit our services to budgets, we promise to exceed Consumer Experience & better Brand Exposure to audiences with our Interactive Techniques/ Equipments, Strategic Planning & Involvement, on the other hand, we have hands-on handling Designing, Technical and Logistical facets.

When we talk about the events that we organize, the first thing which we visualize in our mind is Elegant Decoration, Music, Dance, Sophisticated Color Theme, Royalty & Attention, excitement, Exotic Cuisines, food, fun, friends & family henceforth our clients get the flexibility of diversity in selections, in order to balance fun and entertainment we render our client's with outstanding Quality & In-budget service. There exists no formula for success, however there are four Guiding principles that we follow to succeed:

Meeting Clients Expectation

Creating Operational Excellence

Devising Creative Ideology

Accurate Planning & Team Coordination


The company is fueled by latest technology, teams and ideas. We endeavor to facilitate the events with right thing, at the right place and at the right time. Our expert planning and post event analysis gives concrete form to the subtle desire nonetheless the outcomes delights the consumers. Our core competency fosters with every new concept and our strengths include the following:

We maintain the Inflow of Creative & Unique ideas

Exceptionally talented team

Availability of Manpower, Tools & Latest Equipment

Resources and Comprehensive Contacts

Availability of Cost & Time-Effective Services

Higher Level of Customer Satisfaction

We practice End-to End Execution

Our Team

Mr.Abhay Kr Dwevedy, MBA
Creative Head/ Managing Director

Popularly known as 'Tiger', is our one man army holding the roots of this company with his well built Biceps.

He has an experience of 13 years into the event management field. It's our belief that he was made for this field, with his experience and knowledge he has brought our team to excel. He is one of those people who can bring out the best in a person. His love for his staff is what makes "Team Shri Events" stick together.

Mr.Sanjay Kr Dubey, MSC IT

Being one of the co-founders of Shri Events Group Pvt. Ltd. is a techie himself.

Having an experience of 16 years in the event management field, he has marked his place in the world of events.

A 'come to the point' kind of a person who talks only what he wants to, not a word extra can be pulled out of him. Is there when his Team needs him.

Mr.Vijay Pratap Singh, Company Secretary & Advocate,
Financial Advisor

Being our mind behind all our financial matters, has been one of the reasons why this company has developed.

With his perfect knowledge, advises and 10 years of experience in the accounts and finance industry has walked the Team through from the beginning.

We lay back and follow his advises as we know they are anyway going to be perfect and profitable in future.